Our network of contacts in strategic sectors, both public and private, allows us to have privileged access to the most qualified sources of information and consultation, which guarantees a comprehensive and effective consultancy service.

The procedure is simple: after contacting VerdEscandinavia’s team and describing the subject and the type of advice you need (technical, management, application, etc.), we will brief you the options that best suit your need.

If the client needs to establish contact with a source external to our team, we can organize video conference via Skype (interpreter service included if necessary) between client and external consultant.

We also organize theme and tailor made trips to Scandinavia. This service includes visits to centers, institutions and communities related to sustainable activities and the possibility of organizing meetings with relevant contacts.

Do you need specific advice on a specific topic, project or initiative related to the green economy and sustainable development? Contact us. Our team will answer your questions and respond to your concerns.


Reports is our tailored research, analysis and reporting service. We use a wide range of formats for the presentation of the material, depending on the potential use that the client decides to give the report. The possibilities range from classic reports and static presentations (written text and image) to the incorporation of multimedia formats (video, audio and animations) that give the whole a dynamic feel.

VerdEscandinavia’s team has the necessary tools, experience and expertise to create information material that meets the following characteristics: relevant, clear, precise and quickly understandable information.

We offer three reporting options:

  1. Premium

The Premium option includes:

  • Detailed and in-depth research on the chosen topic. It includes the option of incorporating multimedia elements.
  • Analysis of the information.
  • Executive summary of the results.
  1. Standard

Standard option includes:

  • General research. Traditional format.
  • Executive summary of the results.
  1. Basic

The Basic option includes:

  • Preliminary research that gives an overview and guidance on the chosen topic. Traditional format.
  • A series of recommendations on the most appropriate options for research.