Sustainability is the ability of a society to make a conscious and responsible use of its resources, without exhausting them, without exceeding their capacity for renewal, and without compromising their use by future generations.


VerdEscandinavia’s mission is clear: to facilitate the process of transition from the traditional cultural and economic model to a model of sustainable living, both individually and collectively. We know it is not a simple task. It is a complex process that requires knowledge, information, commitment, work, planning, just to name a few items. But perhaps the essential component to start the process and once started to feed its course, is awareness.


The eminent pedagogue Paulo Freire defined awareness as follows: “It is a process of cultural action through which women and men awaken to the reality of their socio-cultural situation, move beyond the limitations and alienations to which they are subjected, and affirm themselves as conscious subjects and co-creators of their historical future”. Indeed, as Freire claims, raising awareness is to awaken the reality of today’s world and understand that we must be co-creators of the sustainable living model.


In VerdEscandinavia we are convinced that awareness and education are interdependent, mutually reinforcing concepts. For this reason, training takes a predominant place in our vision and business structure. We promote training in different formats, according to the subject to be addressed, with the objectives to be achieved and with the characteristics of the audience. Our proposals are fully flexible and adaptable to the client’s needs.


We organize and provide workshops, seminars, conferences and talks in private and public organizations that are interested in knowing in depth the policies, technologies and innovative sustainable initiatives in different sustainable areas. Let’s see some examples of topics and formats:

  • Green Economy: Situation in Scandinavia – Conference
  • Sustainable Corporate Strategies: Analysis of Swedish Companies H&M and IKEA – Conference
  • Circular Economy: The New Economic Era – Seminar
  • Circular Economy, Innovation and Social Development – Seminar
  • Circular Economy and Business Innovation – Seminar
  • Kalundborg Experience in Denmark: An Example of Eco-Intelligent Industry – Conference
  • Sustainable Cities: The Malmö Experience in Sweden – Conference
  • Green Technology: Illuminating the Future (with the collaboration of Luminext, our business partner) – Presentation


Interested in obtaining more information on thematic and training alternatives for your company, industry or public institution? Contact us and you will get a quick and adequate response to your needs.